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See the aurora borealis in Sweden

Do you wish to see the aurora borealis in Sweden ? Then you have come to the right sites. For the upcoming aurora season 2015/2016 we have created some really extraordinary travel arrangements for you. Every month from September to March we invite you to follow us on our extended night time excursions in the north of Sweden. The aurora tours on these sites are scheduled to bring your experience of seeing aurora borealis to the max. Dates for these tours are choosen for you to be our guest during the phases of new moon - when the land will be pitch black and no moonlight will weaken the contrast of the dancing aurora borealis in the night sky! All activies will happen between 09.00 pm and 03.00 am - real night time when the chance to see the northern lights are really great!

About our aurora night tours in Sweden

  • All our aurora night tours will take place in and around Kiruna - the northernmost and largest municipality in Sweden.
  • All tours are limited to max 6 participants - to keep a personal atmosphere and to avoid stress and impacts of group dynamics.
  • All activities will be guided by professional and routined multi-lingual guides.
  • Whenever aurora will appear we will take the time to stop, watch and enjoy.
  • All means of transport that will be used during these tours (vans, snowmobiles) are of actual technologically standard to reduce emissions as far as possible.
  • No accommodation and no general boarding is included. We provide a choice of recommendations for both but keep it up to you to choose after own preferences - we recommend www.ripan.seSome tours might lead you over the borders to Norway or Finland. Please check the necessity of visa regulations valid for travellers from your country of residence!
  • During the aurora tours with sub-arctic winter conditions we provide proper winter gear: Overall, boots, warm hat, mittens
  • Our tours are perfect for aurora borealis photographers. But these are NO PHOTO COURSES! We provide a guide for successful aurora photography on this homepage.
  • During all tours we keep it open to change the itinerary in dialogue with the participants to always maximize the chance to see the aurora borealis

About aurora borealis tours

The aurora borealis, the northern lights, is a natural phenomenon like the sun, rain, wind or a thunderstorm – observing this nature play is mind blowing. As much as we would like to - we simply can not guarantee that you will see the northern lights during your stay in Sweden. This website provides you with a selection of our extraordinary travel packages accomplished to increase your chances of experiencing the aurora in a unique way during your visit in Kiruna, Sweden.


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